Our History

ADA AD is an award-winning architecture & interior design studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. “Any work can be done in only one way - the best!” The four founding reasons to practice the architectural profession – Fun, Fame, Fortune and Friendship.

ESTABLISHED in early 2014, Agency Design and Architecture ADA AD is the successor and continuation of the creative line, market positions and of the more than twenty-years of traditions of Architectural Design Agency - A.D.A. Ltd. This relationship is firmly stated in the similarity of the logos and of the acronyms. Partners in the newly formed company are two of the co-founders and partners of ADA Ltd. - Ivo Panteleev, arch. and Kristiana Nikolova, arch; the third partner - Radomira Metodieva, arch. was a longtime project manager at ADA Ltd. Hence, in this portfolio cited are not only separate projects of ADA AD, but also projects carried out by the consortium ADA AD - ADA Ltd., including also more recent projects and designs of ADA Ltd. All presented design work has been led and managed exclusively by the co-founders and partners of the newly established company.

ADA AD confirms and reinforces the leading professional reputation and recognized positions of its predecessor amongst the state, the local and the municipal institutions. ADA AD’s core development strategy continues to comprise of building the potential for services to international customers, in addition to partnership of foreign architectural companies on projects in Bulgaria. In general, ADA AD is the head of a poly-disciplinary team with the involvement of leading engineering offices in all design disciplines.

ADA AD offers the widest range of services in the field of architecture, design and planning. A fundamental understandingof the company is that each project is unique; its making can be the result of the collaboration andclose cooperation with the client as the only attainable successful way. Some of our major clients are: the SofiaMunicipality, corporations, embassies and governments, among which the US government, Proger - Italy, NCH -US American College in Sofia, West 4th Architecture - USA, “SIA-Press” Russia.

An essential part of the activities of ADA AD is the regular participation in local and international competitions on all design levels. The company strives to participate in all architectural competitions of social significance in Sofia and in the more significant ones throughout the country. ADA AD believes that its competitive performance helps to not only maintain its own high creative level, but above all, to certainly contribute to the development of the architectural profession and culture of architecture across the country.

ADA AD is proud of its motivated and creative architectural team, in which equally brought together are experience and practical knowledge, combined with youth energy and mastery of modern design methods. The work organization is structured so that to provide the necessary know-how, knowledge and resources together with the maximum control in the implementation of each contract. A particular team of professionals - architects and consultant engineers are responsible for each project development, from the initial phase until its completion, strictly complying with the requirements of the program, the budget and the time for realization. Each team is led by one of the partners of ADA AD and comprises of a project manager and architectural assistants, who in turn receive support from the technical staff, providing continuous connection between all divisions and employees on every project. Regardless of the size and complexity of the specific project, each ADA AD’s task-approach is academically coherent and covers the full architectural resources: from working model-making to photo-realistic renderings and animations.