Residential and Office Complex Bokar, Sofia

Completed, 1995

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Project Details

Project Description:

The Bokar project includes 48 separate buildings: single-family town houses combined with apartment buildings in four neighborhoods. Some of the buildings provide facility spaces, such as offices, shops, catering, and fitness. By integrating urban, architectural and interior design, Bokar is unprecedent for its time. Even today, Bokar remains the only residential project in Bulgaria recreating the basic urban elements: the neighborhood, the street and the square. The design was awarded first prize on the annual National Architecture Review Competition.




Residential and Public

Total Built Area:

52,000 m2


I. Panteleev, R. Metodieva, Y. Tomova, P. Ivanov, M. Marinov, K. Pamporov, K. Antonov, Y. Gyulev, A. Gancheva, D. Dyulgerova, D. Banev, M. Popova, R. Donev, R. Karamanska, M. Ignatova, R. Grancharov, T. Dobreva