Competition Toplocentralata, Sofia

Competition, 2017

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Project Description:

The core idea of the project's concept is to preserve all possible structural elements. Surfaces with graffiti writings are conserved. Steel and light industrial materials are used. The new spaces are boxes, placed within the existing structure, while the structural elements are only touching the existing medium. Mobile furniture provides reconfigurable interior. The new basement floor responds to the brief requirements, while resolving the poor condition of the lower structure of the bigger volume. The floor of the smaller volume is lifted to the level of the entrance. All spaces are multifunction and easily reconfigurable. The structure opens both optically and physically - the inside and outside spaces merge into one single space.


Sofia Municipality



Total Built Area:



Ivo Panteleev, Radomira Metodieva, Yanek Nemchev, Milcho Tomov, Elena Dimitrova