New CBD, Thessaloniki, Greece

International Competition, 2020

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The challenge of the site is its small size as compared to the vast program of 400,000 sq.m above ground plus the requirement for a 4000 cars garage. The site is currently occupied by evenly scattered 7 listed buildings that are to be preserved. The Gates of Thessaloniki is the name attributed to ADA’s competition entry which targets the creation of an architectural metabolism structure comprised of two main parts: a lower one – a brick 10 story base bridging the existing buildings and excessive new public space and an upper part of flying clouds, shelves allowing the development of the more private part of the functional program. The reflection of the massive building structure echoes the Olympus Mountain facing across the bay the city of Thessaloniki.


One of 4 honorable mentions among 173 entries

Total Built Area:

400,000 м2