Kolokita Holiday Village, Sozopol

Building Permit, 2004

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Project Details

Project Description:

One of the biggest scale works of A.D.A., Kolokita is an integration of urban, architectural and landscape design. The project comprises 40 buildinigs - freestanding and terrace houses and apartments. The site is carefully planned to allow a view of the sea for each unit.





Total Built Area:

44,500 m2


I. Panteleev, K. Nikolova, R. Metodieva, A. Sanchez, A. Ivanova, M. Krasteva, M. Miteva, M. Yotseva, M. Ilieva, Y. Tomova, I. Tomov, N. Andreeva, N. Leshtakova, D. Stefanov, R. Grancharov