Competition - Sofia - Center - Zone 1

Competition, 2013

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Project Description:

The main goal of the competition entry is to challenge the imagination of the public by a three-dimensional reintegration of the once emblematic space of the "Canal". The proposal is based on 10 main ideas:

1. "Green Wave" along the Zone

2. "Hanging" pedestrian promenade - board walk over the channel

3. Crossing the boulevard by pedestrian bridges and a new underpass

4. A cantilevered pedestrian promenade over Lake Ariana

5. Covered car parking on both sides of the stadium

6. Proposal for a three- story Green Park with panoramic terrace

7. The area of the former Yunak stadium - converted into an urban arts center

8. Integration through green design of the two parking lots along Knyazheska Garden

9. Improve and increase green areas, incl. using hanging plants - the biological filter

10. Complete improvement of the street scape and design.


Sofia Municipality


Urban design

Total Built Area:



Ivo Panteleev Radomira Metodieva, Kalin Blagov, Mario Meshkov , Nadejda Chobanova