Competition - Sofia - Center - Zone 2

First award, 2013

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Project Description:

The main goal of the project proposal is to create an integrated, predominantly pedestrian environment within one of the most characteristic central territories of Sofia - the space enclosed by "Graf Ignatiev", "Shishman" and "6th of September" streets and their adjacent open spaces, piazzas and squares. Developed are 10 ideas:

1. Reduction of passing trams and tram replacement with shuttle, predominantly pedestrian area.

2. Street "Shishman" - shared space.

3. Merge into one plane of the sidewalk and roadway on the Count and Shishman.

4. Focusing intersections of cross streets with motor traffic.

5. Cleaning of old advertisements.

6. Further development of the sequence of the open space and street segments.

7. Restructuring of two markets - for books and for vegetables.

8. Improve and increase green areas.

9. Replacing pavements and street furniture.

10. Effective street lighting, surveillance, sound.


Sofia Municipality


Urban design

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Ivo Panteleev Radomira Metodieva, Rossen Petsev, Neli Ivanova, Tzvetelina Dimitrova, Michail Klenov, Yavor Yakimov, Iliya Hristov, Stoyan Mirlev, Mario Meshkov, Maria Ilieva, Yuliana Tomova