Competition - Sofia - Center - Zone 3

Canceled, 2013

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Project Description:

This competition entry is developed in partnership with VB Studio. The proposal enhances the quality of the area through discreet interference. The accent is on the space between the City Garden and the square in front of the Palace, a neglected and amorphous space after the blasting ot the Mausoleum. This space functions as intermediate with a number of changing new uses. The submittal reaches the short list of three selected works and is commented as favourite of this competition cancelled later. Leading are the following 5 architectural ideas:

1. Restoration of the longitudinal axis of the City Garden

2. Transformation of the Square " Alexander I" in pedestrian , expansion over the ex-platform of the mausoleum

3. Creation of a multi-storey underground car park between the former Party House and the National Art Gallery with simultaneous restructuring of the square above it

4. Conversion of the N.Gyaurov square into a garden

5. Comprehensive improvement of the street scape and design.


Sofia Municipality


Urban design

Total Built Area:



Ivo Panteleev, Veselin Serkedjiev, Boycho Boichev