Competition - Sofia - Center - Zone 4

First award, 2013

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The most representational area in the city of Sofia and possibly in Bulgaria is the subject of this first-prize winning proposal entry by A.D.A. The proposal design is distinguished unconditionally among its competitors for its highly artistic qualities, having respect to the context and its discreet but overall improvement and upgrade of the environment. As with the other A.D.A. three participations in the parallel competitions for the centre of Sofia leading are the following five principled creative methods:

1. Evolutionary approach by creating a new unity of the four areas and their contact areas;

2. Compliance with the Sustainable Plan for Sofia (IPGVR) and with the approved detailed urban plans;

3. Short-term viability, respect for budget frames;

4. Avoiding of underground development while preserving the possibility for such;

5. Preservation of Cultural Heritage;

6. Increase of the green areas.


Sofia Municipality


Urban design

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Ivo Panteleev, Radomira Metodieva, Ivaylo Tomov, Stoyan Mirlev, Lilyana Kirova, Georgi Komsalov, Iliya Hristov