Monument 1 300 Years Bulgaria, Sofia

Competition, 2014

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Project Description:

The concept for the transformation of the Monument 1300 Years Bulgaria builds on the basic intentions and statements of the existing monument and removes the unsuccessful ones. The goal is to eradicate both physical and symbolic structure from ideological connotation, so that a new unity expressing the core Bulgarian values could be achieved. The enhancement of the monument's impact becomes possible by a reasonable but still large-scale and systematic long-term intervention and political stragegy. In line with the idea to upgrade the structure into a new symbolic and visual entity is the proposal for a new name for the monument: Memorial Bulgaria. The new composition develops the old one using means, distinctive for the deconstructivism.


Sofia Municipality



Total Built Area:



Ivo Panteleev, Radomira Metodieva, Georgi Nikolov, Viktoria Stoyanova, Iliya Hristov, Mario Meshkov